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If you are looking forward to becoming a commercial pilot in India? You need to know the basics to start preparing yourself for the future. For example, knowing the educational criteria will help you fulfill those criteria which makes you eligible for pilot training. Apart from that, there are some medical exams that you need to know about and pass. These exams have a range of tests. Are you wondering how to apply for pilot training? Below is a complete guide that will help you in applying for pilot training.

How To Apply For Pilot Training? Here’s The Criteria

You need to start with your education. Pilots need to pass the science subjects such as physics, and mathematics. It is one of the major eligibility criteria and if you have not taken these subjects in your 12th standard, you will have to pass special examinations. 

  1. 12th with physics and mathematics. Or On Demand Exam from any recognized Open board like NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling)
  2. Age Must be 18 years or more at the time of issuance of the Commercial Pilot License.
  3. Students must have passed all classes with minimum 50% marks. (May vary for few airlines)
  4. Applicants must get Medical Class II and Class I through DGCA approved doctors.  

If you fulfill all of these criteria, you are fit to become a pilot and you can select an institute for further studying related to commercial pilot licensing classes. 

DGCA Requirements i.e CPL Ground Classes:

DGCA or Directorate General of Civil Aviation requires the applicants to pass a few subjects before starting their pilot training (Flying Training). These subjects are very important for the pilots as they allow them to learn about the planes, technicalities, and the ways pilots communicate and regulations related to aviation. After a pilot completes these classes and passes these subjects, he/she can start the pilot training. Here is a list of those subjects. 

  • Air Regulation
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Air Navigation
  • Technical General
  • Technical Specific
  • Radio Telephony

Passing these subjects is essential for every candidate. Without cleaning these subjects, you cannot start your commercial pilot license flying training. (Candidate may appear for multiple attempts to clear these exams). DGCA general exams happen every 3 months and on demand exams every 45 days.

Where You Can Study These Subjects?

The DGCA allows the students to select the schools of their choice for studying these subjects. You can apply to Nexus Aviation India, which is one of the best aviation schools in India that offers an entire package related to commercial pilot license classes. Instructors here are experts who would help you cover the basics and learn about the advanced topics in these subjects. After completing your studies and passing your exams, you will be ready for your flying training. 


Now, only the last step remains in this process. You will have to apply for a pilot training school that teaches flying training. Here you will have a lot of options in different countries. You should select your school very carefully at this time. Nexus Aviation India is one of those schools that not only prepares students for the CPL ground classes but also for flying training. After that, it will be simple, you will complete your flight training requirements and you will be ready to get your license. 

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