Flying Training

After you clear all your ground subjects, the next big question is “Where to go for Flying Training?”. This is a haunting question for most as the lack of clarity and uncertainties are in abundance, yet there are hardly anyone available to hold your hand and pull you out from this dilemma.
Nexus Aviation has put in an extensive effort in solving this issue and we are there for you to counsel and guide you towards the best flying training organization in India or Abroad. 

Your roadmap of completing the flying training needs to be handled carefully; to ensure quality and timely completion of the course and as per the DGCA requirements. This is where Nexus Aviation comes into picture. Every individual has their own set of requirements and expectations, few wants to complete training within India and some wants to go out of the country and explore the world as they learn to fly. 
We would be highly delighted to assist you in scoring a seat in India based or the ones which are in countries like:

  • United States of America
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • and Canada

To know more about flying training, DGCA requirements and challenges involved, Kindly contact us to book an appointment for detailed discussion on the matter. 



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